(S905X2) X96 Max 4Gb

Latest nightly build installed.
There is a problem with audio passthrough. I recently added 2 rear speakers to a 5.1 surround setup.
From all the movies that gor dolby 5.1 audio track, I hear, from the rear speakers, only static noise.
The front speakers and the sub just play normally.
I tried many changes but at no avail. If I use kodi from android, the sound from rear speakers is ok.
Any help please?

You need to set channels to 2.0, enable Passthrough, and play content that can be passed through, such as DTS or Dolby formats.

Yes, channels are set to 2 and passtrough is enabled. I play contents with dolby 5.1 or dts 5.1 and from rear speakers only static noise comes out. From front speakers and subwoofer muusic comes out. If I use the Kodi Android of the box, no such problem exist. It only happens in Coreelec.

Is this a new problem, or did CE work with your 5.1 setup until today?

  • Also, what AVR do you have? Does it correctly detect the audio format?
  • Please reboot the box, start a DTS or Dolby content for a few seconds, stop it, and then run dmesg | paste in SSH and post the link.

I use a Sony soundbar to which recently I have added the rear speakers (sony speakers designed for my soundbar). And the problem of static noise began.
I reboot the box, play a movie with dolby 5.1 audio for 20 secs and then stop it. This is the dmesg link


@ragico, start by resetting to default settings and look at Kodi’s audio quickstart guide. Then give us more detailed information about your setup like how everything is connected, details about your equipment etc. We need much more information to help you and to look into this

@CI6N0Z, Done what you suggest no success.
Will try to give you more informations about my system setup.
X96 Max is connected via hdmi to my Sony st 5000 soundbar. Everything is ok.
Spdif output from X96 Max is connected to a small decoder//amplifier which only decode the rear speakers signal from a 5.1. dolby audio track, and feed the signal to a pair of rear small speakers.
Using Coreelec the rear speakers play static noise.
Using kody android from the same box rear speakers play correctly.
Both Coreelec and android kodi are set exactly the same (2.0 channels, enable passthrough etc.)
Pls note that a Mecool K1 Pro configured exactly as the X96 Max with 9.03 Coreelec stable version, works perfect, no static noise.
Thank you.

I have no answers to give you about this problem.
You have a really obscure setup, I have no chance to replicate.
We will be making some large changes pretty soon, it’s very possible that this problem will go away once the change is in place.

Thank you @TheCoolest .
I hope next builds can sort my problem out.

It won’t be in the next few days, but a little bit down the road.
It will be soon, though.

Will wait. Can do nothing else than wait.
What I do not understand is why this set up works flawlessly with Coreelec in Mecool K1 pro and does not work with Coreelec in X96 Pro.

The Mecool uses a different kernel, which is Android based.
The 4.9 kernel we currently use is different. We have plans to make a switch (if we can make it work) to an Android 4.9 kernel, it could potentially fix many issues we currently have no solution for.
Just need to wait and see what happens.

Thanks for clarification.

anybody have problem with ethernet on latest i cant use 1000mbit full, only 100 or 1000-half.

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