[S905X3]60fps videos cannot play smoothly on 4K 30hz

My box is Tx3(s905x3) with CoreELEC 9.2.3, but my TV only supports 4k30hz resolution.When I play 60fps videos on the box, the speed of the videos is sometimes fast and sometimes slow. But when I change my TV’s resolution to 1080p60hz, the videos playback becomes normal.I tried to change a lot of settings, but only turning off hardware acceleration would change that, but it would drop frames.

To playback a 60fps video on 30Hz you always have to drop frames. I just wonder if you are trying to force 1080p60 videos on 4k30?

I mean using CPU to decode 60FPS video is not up to 30 frames, CPU performance is not enough, but hardware decoding will cause the problem I mentioned.

That’s just how playing a 60FPS video at 30Hz refresh rate behaves on this platform.