S905X3 box with unencrypted bootloader that works with bl301

Hi all

Do you know and point me to any S905X3 box that has an unencrypted bootloader with latest firmware that can be used together with the CE inject_bl301 feature?

If it helps: I’m using a TaNiX TX5 Deluxe Edtion (905X3 4/64/1G) which seems to be working just fine running CE-ng and dual booting with Android. That’s the box I’ve been running a load of tests on lately, all successful so far.

You run bl301 also?

If you want something that works and is fully supported then you best options are an Odroid C4 or a Khadas VIM3L.
I have said it before and will say again people spend hundreds if not thousands on their TV and surround sound setup and then for some reason want to spend as little as possible on the box to run it all. This makes no sense to me.

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It is not a matter of money. Odroid/Khadas are different things than TV box. Form factor and appearance play a role in home theater setups

The smallest S905X3 I have tested is the Beelink GT1mini2.

Up to 9.2.3. With everything seems to be working without having to inject the blob.

Have you seen the cases you can get forbthr Khadas or Odroid. Both look as good as any TV Box and are also properly cooled.

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