S905X3 RAM confusion

I have purchased a S905X3 purportedly 4GB/ 64GB

It does not boot with dtb 905X3 4G/1G lan. It boots with 2G/1G lan. Not tried with non gigabit lan dtbs

The supplier swears by the fact that it is a 4G RAM unit. In Android, if I press the ‘1’ button 7 times when in file manager it shows 4G ram in the system info. In android, even when I issue “free” from the terminal it reports 4G RAM.

However in CE it shows as 2G in system info as well as from cmd line when issuing ‘free’. Could this be because of the dtb? Since I havent been able to boot from the 4G dtb I dont know. Any tips to identify correctly please.

yes, possible. dump your android dtb by following the guide on the CE wiki

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Sorry I cant find an article about “dumping android dtb”, whatever that means. Could you link me to it please?

If it helps, the manufacturer also has been quite cooperative and offering to help. If there is something I can request him, that option too seems possible.


I extracted the dtb. Its a much larger file size (256kB) than the dtb supplied by coreelec (70kB)

and the system wont boot with this dtb copied to the sd card. dtb attached here
dtb.img (256 KB)

The box is a 4GB/64GB X96Max plus with gigabit ethernet btw.

When booting with 905X3 4G dtb without giga lan the lan connection doesnt work.

This is multi dtb including both 2g and 4g version.

Maybe you could booting android and use adb shell to see which dtb is actually used. Maybe with command

cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/amlogic-dt-id
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The output is


Hi. Anything on this?

please try this dtb:
sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit.dtb (71.7 KB)

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Is this the dtb that comes bundled with CE in the device trees folder? Its exactly the same size. Regardless, it doesnt work. The box goes to the recovery screen.

EDIT: Seems to be working with a USB stick with the latest nightly installed on it.

Now I’m not sure if its my old installation on the sd card causing a problem. Let me check a bit thoroughly and revert.

EDIT 2: I need to test thoroughly but I think that did it. Greatly appreciate the help !

Does it now boot with this DTB and it shows “almost” 4g in system information?

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Yes it boots and does show nearly 4G RAM AND operates at 10/100/1000 LAN. Thank you very much.

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