[S905x3] VONTAR X3 Can’t completely power off

Started using two boxes VONTAR X3 with Android 9.
CE 19.2rc3 installed on internal eMMC in dual boot mode.
Found one problem.
When I turn off my box from CE, it does not turn off completely, unlike shutdown in Android.
It seems like it will turn off at first, but immediately switch to sleep mode.
I can see it on the LED indicators and power consumption.

I have tried a variety of shutdown methods

  • standard menu CE
  • poweroff -p
  • shutdown now -h
  • systemctl poweroff

A similar problem has already been considered here, but no solution has been found.

So, I want to ask - what is the difference between shutdown method in CE and Android?

And no box will ever completely power off as something needs to be on as you can not wake it by CEC or IR as example.

Yes, after turning off from Android, box wake only from IR.
But there is generally sleep mode. A completely different state of box.

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