[S905X3] X96Air_P2/P3 4/32GB 1Gbit Lan (How to config)

I fine the Krypton type remote much more responsive / smother than meson-ir
I created two files, easy to test and easy to revert back if you don’t like

Example 1 - works the same as the meson-ir in the initial post
Example 2 - only some small changes
# "0x47 18 # @ " changed from 18 to 46 - "TVGuide" to "Codec info"
# "0x4c 50 # MENU" changed from 50 to 46 - "Menu" (sidebar menu on the default skin) to "Contextual menu" as all the remote's I've used had this

I’ve re-wrriten the file to make it easy to modify e.g. the STAR button is currently mapped to info (23)… you can change this to what you like e.g 18 for TVguide

0x43 23 # STAR (examples 15 tab, 23 info, 24 codec info, 113 mute, 354 favourites, 18 TVguide, print screen 210 etc)

To install rename the file to remote.conf and

Krypton remote.zip (2.5 KB)

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I never check what version of X96Air_x I had, it was purchased from same place as someone who got a P2
However its X96Air_P3 and the guide works for this Box as well :grinning:(the only different I can tell is that bluetooth chip has changed & does not work)

I’ll update topic soon

Can anyone confirm which USB port should be used for the Amlogic USB burning tool?

Rear USB 2.0
Side USB 2.0
Side USB 3.0

Also, should I be booted into the Android recovery screen to be able to start the process?

Odd, nothing at all getting recognised on USB on any ports on Win10 or Ubuntu whilst in Android recovery mode

Same for my S905 too though to be honest

I think you can include also P3 version of X96 Air 4/32 to the title/description, I just unpacked one and all your summary is spot on. Thank you for it :slight_smile:

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A little off topic but I’ve not been able to use Amlogic Burning tool on my Vim3’s.
I don’t know if it’s a cable issue but most people are using it on Khadas Forum.
I ordered one of these cables.
Still don’t have it.

Amlogic USB Burning Tool is the latest version btw, make sure you are using that in case that is the problem.

Topic updated!


Why you enable this?
debug_enable = 1

Updated… my previous commnet was incorrect
1 is actually debug disabled

Do you know where’s remote.conf on Android system?
I try \android\etc but didn’t find.
Do you original file from android?

I used the meson-ir as a starting point as the button assignments are as you visually scan the remote downwards i.e in order.
Then converted to Krypton and used the key assignments from revolution6 e.g 0x40 116 # POWER - changed couple of names

I don’t know where the android file is
However I found some info


# debug_enable 0 :debug disable 1 :debug disable

I found files with it enabled / disable… I’ll correct my previous post & delete the file - original files are correct

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Added a 4" fan running off the 5v jack to the bottom of my P2 and I have steady 45C.
A bit noisier than I would like but will probably upgrade the fan to a more silent model.


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Picture please to see your final work :slight_smile:

There is a 3 inch hole cut in the bottom of the case and the pathetic heat spreader is now glued to the RAM and SOC.

Notice the wifi dongle, the onboard wifi and bt are not enabled in the -ng builds, though this maybe rectified soon as they are available.


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@Shoog are you talking about the P2 Gigabit models? Bluetooth is working OK for me with my P2 4/64GB P2 X96 Air with current -ng nightly builds. I’m using a PS3 Bluetooth Blu-ray remote as my main remote using the internal Bluetooth.

Mine is not gigabit.


Ah - I thought this thread was for P2 (and P3) Gigabit models?

Received my X96Air P2 on Thursday and successfully booted CoreELEC on the same day by following the instructions on the OP, remote, bl301, config.ini, vfd.conf etc . Many thanks. I used the remote control that came with the TV box but now switched to Logitech Harmony 665 by following instructions given by adamg in another thread.

My question now is, when I power the X96Air up, unlike my Tanix TX3 mini (S905X not the new one with S905X3), VFD shows nothing until after 6 or 8 seconds then the clock pop up. On my TX3 mini, when I power it up with the remote, it shows ‘boot’ on the VFD. It makes me feel better as there is no power indicator on the TV box. For 6 or 8 second, I have no idea whether I really power it on.

Is ‘boot’ on VFD controlled by vfd.conf or the bootloader? I didn’t need to use bl301 to change the bootloader on the TX3 mini. Does it mean the bootloader of Tanix better than the X96Air?