[S905X3] X96Air_P2/P3 4/32GB 1Gbit Lan (How to config)

This topic as been created to X96Air_P2 version but some users reported this guide works on P3 version too - Read here
Maybe can work in other Pxxx version, IDK…

As far as I know, there are three Options for X96 Air:

  • 2GB+16GB+2.4G Wi-Fi+LNA 100 M (No Bluetooth)
  • 4GB+32GB+2.4&5.8G Dual Wi-Fi+BT4.1+LNA 1000 M
  • 4GB+64GB+2.4&5.8G Dual Wi-Fi+BT4.1+LNA 1000 M

Mine is 4GB+32GB+2.4&5.8G Dual Wi-Fi+BT4.1+LNA 1000 M, with original Android firmware: X96Air_P2_20191017-1917


I decide to create this topic to help other users to general config.
Just compiled all information I get in this forum, so all the credits go to CoreElec team and other members of this forum.
My thanks for that!

As you know CoreElec builds now support the new Amlogic soc S905x3.
So lets start to that.

  • Download last stable release here install in microSD. Instruction here.
    Note: If you can, buy a really good microSD Card.
    I’m using an ScanDisk Extreme Pro _SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB

Where’s reset button?
Inside AV hole there’s a switch. Use a toothpick or needle to press him.
Thanks @Fernando for the picture

What DTB i choose?

How to configure remote? (My remote it’s the same of the picture)
There are two ways to configure remote control: meson-ir and amremote (See the difference between them here!)
Note: Most of users, inclued me, report amremote works better its more responsive.

The remote don’t turn on box.
If you own an Amlogic device that have issues with wake-up features like IR remote wake-up, CEC or WOL wake-up then you can use this tool to fix those issues.

  • You need to inject BL301
  • Read here how to and after that, read here to config.ini
  • [My config config.ini (5.6 KB)]


  • read careful here how to.
  • You will need this file (Download raw format file - Just go to the link and save as) and the OpenVFD addon

How maximize LAN speed and fixing buffering problems?

  • Use LAN cable connected directly to the router on gigabit port.
  • Use NFS instead SAMBA shares
  • Use advancedsettings.xml to boost cache fill (Mine is using 500MB to do that) advancedsettings.xml (239 Bytes)
  • To see other examples or understand read here

Recommend settings for Kodi

Remote Acess

  • Install Amlogic-VNC add-on in CoreElec Repository → Services → Amlogic-VNC

Sometimes when change source on tv the box poweron

  • Turn off Active route

Original Stock Firmware for P1, P2, P3 & P4
Download here


Good initiative but i have problem with LAN not working here. Only Wifi for now. Anyone else can confirm issue or should i reflash ?

Have you tried 4K blu-ray with this box yet? It’s a stuttering mess here with the latest nightly.

Lan works OK and it’s a real gigabit.
Do have P2/P3 (gigabit lan) version or P1 (100mb lan)?
What nightly and dtb do you use?
First time i install with first nightly lan don’t work but that problem is now corrected.
Try update to last dtb.

Not yet but all movies/TV shows (1080p) works great.
Later i reply after test some 4k content

Hi i did once more and flash it and assign proper dtb.imb file here.

From key issues i noticed is 4K doesnt look like working - not in menu for 100%.
Also what is difficult to explain most movie are displayed at 24Hz and not 60 Hz- tested it at second devise i have with Kodi - RPI4 and this problem doesnt apear there.

Plex server and 2 stream simultaniously works.

That’s because most movies are 24 (23.976) FPS.

Yep that’s true. Refresh rate goes to 24 for smooth play.

Why do you want gui @4k? Don’t have any advantage to use it.
There are several problems with that.
Search in nightly topic.

8K@60FPS works but it stops intermittently “buffering” even though the cache is well ahead.

I think that only 8K@30FPS content is supported.
Can you check whether it works correctly in android or not?

I downloaded this here which is 8K@25FPS which behaves the same way as 8K@60FPS on CoreELEC

Android results. The above file works with the built-in Kodi, KD-Player, until about half way when it starts stuttering, as the cache is no longer ahead, but it could be something else causing it. CoreELEC seems to be more of a buffering issue as it stops every 5-10 seconds to buffer.

YouTube on Android here doesn’t support 8K, only 4K.

Now this clip here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCLOJ9j1k2Y

On Android, this appears smooth, just hit with buffering again (pauses for a second to catch up). Which is pretty much what’s happening on CoreELEC too. It seems like the playback of the 60FPS file is smoother than 25FPS as The Witcher clip started getting choppy half way.

Edit: I went back to CoreELEC. The Witcher clip behaves identical on Android as with CoreELEC even with much better cache settings.

Edit2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC0WPQd_bds is very smooth with CoreELEC. No issues.

Thanks for this guide! Really helpful.
Question. Is Bluetooth working for you?

Just to point out that despite what may sort of work and what vendors may claim, any 8k video playback is an unintended bonus with these chips.

Amlogic only states 4k playback maximum for these chips.

That makes sense. Thanks.

Yes but I don’t use it neither Wi-Fi.

Maybe 8k It’s more than you can handle ( out of your league)
Do you use advancedsettings.xml ?

Yes always use advancedsettings.xml
8K@30FPS works fine, 8K@25FPS doesn’t, I guess that stuff is in Amlogic’s court.

How to coreelec use smb window10

Access your PC with CoreELEC, or access CoreELEC with your PC?

Access my pc with coreelec.

Use nfs instead samba it’s my advice