S905x4 4K resolution through AVR


I have an “old” end-of-life box with CE : Beelink GT1 Ultimate. It’s working fine but I would like a new one to have CE updates.
So I bought a Tox3 box, S905X4, 4Gb, 32Gb.
I’ve installed CE on a SD-card and transfered it to the internal emmc. All working fine.
My problem is, in the graphic parameters, I select 4096x2160p (24.0) but the resolution is not applied, I go back to 1080p.

Previous configuration:
*Beelink GT1 :arrow_forward: AVR (Denon) :arrow_forward: TV ==> 4K is OK :white_check_mark:

New configuration:
*Tox3 :arrow_forward: AVR (Denon) :arrow_forward: TV ==> 4K impossible to set :x:

Test configuration:
*Tox3 :arrow_forward: TV :arrow_forward: AVR (Denon) ==> 4K is OK :white_check_mark:
*I can’t use this configuration because of DTS-HDMA audio passthrough not supported by the TV

dtb.img: sc2_s905x4_4g_1gbit

Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

Do not use 4096x2160, it’s mostly not supported.

Use 3840x2160, this is the default 4k mode.

Ok thanks I’'ll try.


I’m configuring my new box (Tox3) but I have a problem.

  • Previous configuration: Beelink GT1 → AVR (Denon) → TV ==> Image & sound OK

  • New configuration: Tox3 → AVR (Denon) → TV ==> no image ! only sound (and not perfect)

  • Test configuration: Tox3 → TV ==> Image & sound OK

Any idea ? I’ve changed some configuration without success.


I’ve forced to 8bit (my TV is not 10bit) and it works!
I guess that the box doesn’t receive this information through the AVR.
With my old box it was working probably because it’s an old version of CO v9 (arm end of life), working only in 8bit.