S905X4 DTS-HA, MA, DTS-X audio passthrough


yesterday my old s905x based android box died (was running libreelec on it with audio passthrough to Denon 3600H no issues) and I need to buy new one. I am looking into Amlogic S905X4 based devices (X96 X4 specifically) but I found there are some issues with audio passthrough for DTS-HA, MA, DTS-X. I this related only to stock Android software or I can expect the same when I would install CoreELEC?


I don’t know exactly which device you’re referring to but in the homatics/dune/etc family it’s only on Android that the bug in exists.

X96 X4 - it’s dirty cheap and has good hardware, it’s android 9 though. Don’t really care as I plan to put Corelec on it and pass audio to my receiver so receiver would handle audio decoding. At least that’s the expectation!

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