S912: Beelink or Vorke/Tanix?


I need a second box and wonder if a Vorke Z6 Plus (or the identical Tanix TX92) or a Beelink GT1 Ultimate is the better choice?

BTW: I need a box with Gbit LAN.

Any thoughts?

I recently picked up an R-TV Box S10.

It has DDR4 RAM and comes with 2 or 3Gb and choices of 16 or 32Gb storage.

One of the advantages it has over other boxes is that it not only has 4 USB ports but also has a 5v/2.5a (instead of the more common 2a) power supply that enables the use of all 4 ports.

Mine runs Corelec very well and have 2 USB TV tuners attached for dual tuner PVR use.

I have a TX92 running CE and TvH Server & Client and it performs great. I use it has a PVR and for watching movies that are on my NAS. No overheating or lagging.

Hope it helps.

Do you think the DDR4 makes a difference in everyday use?

I have Vorke Z6 Plus. I can’t comment on the original android software it comes with, because I immediately installed CoreElec. And I can say it has worked perfectly on CoreElec:

  1. Has never crashed or frozen once in 4 months of running coreelec.
  2. The Vorke original remote control works out of the box with CoreElec (other devices’ remotes might require coding to work)
  3. I used install-to-interal and it worked perfectly from first try. Other boxes might have trouble and there is no support on this.

I also have Vorke Z6 + and with CE works great. Unfortunately, a few days ago Ethernet (LAN) stopped working and I do not know how to fix it. It only works wifi.

Did you notice a significant performance improvement from this?

This is very little performance improvement from installing to internal.

Kodi mostly performs read-operations ie. thumbnails etc… and the core OS is read-only so you are not likely to see any performance increase with day to day use.

You will receive no official support if you choose to do this and something goes wrong.

Thanks, then I will stick to the SD card.

Any thoughts on DDR3 vs. DDR4?

I’m no expert but from what I’ve read on the matter there are no significant differences performance wise.
Tomatoe Tomato
DDR4 clockspeeds start (2133 Mhz) where DDR3 clockspeeds end HOWEVER you need a processor able to handle those higher speeds and they are pretty high end.
Slight power saving with DDR4 (1.2v) vs DDR3 (1.5v) but this would only count if running a server farm.
Slight latency loss with DDR4 (2%)
I think our boxes are identical with either and manufacturers are only using DDR4 as a marketing gimmick.

Thanks to all of you! I decided to order a Vorke Z6 (which arrived two days ago) and it works very good so far :slightly_smiling_face: