S912 boxes, Atmos and HDR problems

Hello! I have CoreElec 9.2.1 running on two S912 boxes. One is a MeCool M8S L with 3Gb RAM, 32Gb Flash and 100Mbit Ethernet. The other one is a Beequel (or something along those lines) with 3Gb FakeRAM (2Gb actually, as it seems), 32Gb Flash and Gigabit Ethernet. CoreElec works well on both devices. CEC works like a charm after some remappings (well mostly… I‘ll come later to that).
I also have a Marantz SR6011 AV receiver, a Panasonic 55CX700 (it‘s a 4K TV, but no HDR support, but it takes 10bit signals from what the manual says) and an LG 55LM660S (full HD TV).
My problems:

  1. I plan on buying a HDR capable TV this or early next year, so I encode or download movies with HDR and 10bit as HEVC 2160p. If I play them with current Kodi 18.6 on my gaming PC (Windows 10 1909) they look a little too bright but fine. If I play them on any of the S912 boxes, every single one of them looks washed out, like shot on a rainy day, dark scenes drift to a red orangy look or completely drown the darker parts in darkness. Is there anything I could do about that? Is it a problem of the S912 that can’t be fixed in software? It would be a waste of resources to encode them twice, so they look fine on the S912 boxes (which non-HDR 8bit files do without problems).

  2. The Marantz is Atmos capable, but no matter what I try, I‘ll only get Dolby TrueHD from the S912s to the Marantz. There is no „Receiver is Atmos-capable“ in the system - audio section of the settings, and all other options like AC3, EAC3, DTS and so on are active. I can‘t check if Atmos works on the PC because for some reason Kodi doesn‘t even do passthrough (even thou it‘s activated the same way as it is on the S912s and correct passthrough device is selected). How can I fix this to get Atmos to my AV receiver?

  3. Now about the smallish CEC problem: When I switch the TV to the input where the AV receiver is connected when the AV receiver‘s input is already set to the S912 box, sometimes CEC doesn‘t work at all, sometimes some of the functions work, but the lower part of the TVs remote with functions like play, pause, fast forward and so on won‘t. If I switch the AV receivers input to something else and back, it works fine. As said, this is a minor issue, but maybe someone knows how to fix this.

Probably some or maybe all of my issues were already brought up here, but I searched for them, found nothing, so either my key words were bad or it‘s something that wasn‘t discussed to that point yet…

Thanks in advance and best regards…

Can you give me some details on that CEC remapping?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, did you manage to bitstream Dolby Atmos to your receiver? I am using a Minix U9-h (S912) with Correlec 9.2 and my receiver keeps displaying True HD instead of Atmos. I can bitstream DTS:X but no Atmos. All passthrough options are selected in system settings.

Atmos won’t show up unless you have height/atmos/ceiling speakers

If your receiver isn’t Dolby Atmos compatible, the Atmos extension data is ignored and the soundtrack is decoded as regular Dolby TrueHD. Which AVR are you using?

I have a Sony STR-DH790, it displays Atmos with the blu-ray disc, but not with coreElec. I am using Dolby demo video files to test.

This is strange indeed. I can confirm the Dolby Atmos question as both my amlogic and amlogic-ng devices do not trigger “Dolby Atmos” on my AVR for both DD+ Atmos and TrueHD Atmos, but my Xbox One X does. However, when connecting the devices to my Dolby Atmos capable soundbar, it shows that all the samples are Dolby Atmos. So my soundbar recognises “Dolby Atmos”, but the AVR doesn’t for CE… In my case it doesn’t matter much as I do not have an Atmos setup, but it’s strange that my Xbox One X triggers Atmos but not CE on my AVR.

Can you try a DD+ Atmos sample on CE and see if that makes any difference?
I don’t have an AVR, but rather an LG SK10 soundbar, on which CE triggers Atmos fine, both DD+ and TrueHD types.

It worked !! The receiver displays Dolby Atmos now, I really don’t know how but it worked. Thank you for your replies.

May be it is because of the speakers configuration in your Av Receiver, mine is 5.0.2. Dolby Atmos requires 7 speakers.

I have a denon receiver (x4300) and a S912 box running CE. Atmos works fine for me

I do not have a correct Atmos setup for my AVR so this isn’t something that I care about, but it’s odd that my Xbox triggers Atmos, but not CE. At least CE triggers correctly for my Dolby Atmos soundbar.

When you set up the Xbox One to bitstream Atmos, your receiver will always display Atmos even if the Xbox One send a different audio format (DTS or AC3).

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Yeah, I guess that’s the case :+1: And probably since I do not have an Atmos setup, my AVR displays TrueHD/DD+ instead of Atmos even when it receives an Atmos signal.

This is exactly the case. I think the same thing happens if you have a PC connected to your reciever and run a game that is Atmos capable: Receiver shows Atmos even if you dont have height/ceiling speakers. But movies only show Atmos on the receiver if you have height speakers.