S912 E-Box - Harmony Remote

Hi, long time CoreELEC user. I’ve got 2 boxes in the same room and use 2 harmony remotes to control each box, configured as MCE remotes. Now as they obviously interfere with eachother I’ve set 1 harmony remote as a PS2 IR remote and read the IR codes using the meson-ir tutorial. Everything is working great except for when I use the up and down to go through a list it only moves 6 times through the list then stops. I can see the remote is still sending the command but moving through the list stops. Whereas on the harmony configured as MCE it scrolls continuously.

Can some kind soul give some advice as to what I need to change to enable the repeats so I can continuously move through the list? It might even be the button long press?

Off the top of my head, Set one remote as Pivos , Xios XS, & try using a conf remote. You will need to disable, rename meson files,

remote_s912.conf (2.4 KB)

rename to remote.conf & copy to config???

Hi bubblegum, remote.conf was plan B. I’ll give this a go tomorrow, Pivos should be in the harmony DB so sounds like a plan. Thanks, I will report back.

Pivos is in the harmony database.

Yep it is, thank you!

All working now!! Yay!! I just needed a different remote.conf as well as the Pivos on the Harmony. I actually used the remote.conf from the libreelec website, there was a guide - using a Harmony with amlogic devices. You posted on that thread too. Thanks for your help.

Glad you sorted it, cos I’m a bit lazy, can you upload the remote conf to this thread,you actually used, from the LE site


Here is the remote.conf for Logitech Harmony using Pivos xios ds from the Harmony database.

remote.conf (3.0 KB)