S912 netflix addon really poor playback


How about regular S905 will it get proper VPU support?


If Netflix is a high priority for you then I would suggest jumping ship on the AMLogic bandwagon. There is progress on opensource drivers - but its taken over a year to get an early stage testing driver and I would guess that its going to be another 6 months before this bares any useful results - can you wait or do you need a worki8ng solution now ?
The S905D is unlikely to cut it either. Something like the Beelink X45 is a cost effective way to get what you want. It would simply work - because its designed to work on this platform.



it seems 720p is now smooth on S912 with his PR


So, just tested the netflix addon running 8.99.1, 720p and its running smoothly! I have a mecool m8s l, 3g s912.

Very happy now

Many thanks to all the dev’s for your endless work



Tested on K III Pro - Netflix run smoothly on CE 8.99.1 720p. 1080 p - is too much. The coreelec system looks very good now - much better than original AndroidTV and poor DTV app.