S912 netflix addon really poor playback

thanks for all the effort. i installed latest version to meebox pro L 3gig ram/s912 processor. i was surprised at how bad netflix plugin played. could not really even play 480 smooth. the android seems fine. i set the inputstream plugin to allow all streams and almost none play smooth. i also have meebox pro plus, much cheaper 905x that plays 720p netflix fine but the 1080 is too much for processor. is there a setting i am missing or did i just make a mistake thinking the 8 core processor could do software playback better than the 4 core processor. If anyone knows or has tip to make this work with netflix please let me know. i used the dtb.img from the folder in image. using wired internet and class 10 sdcard. thanks for any suggestions.

that is normal, there is no proper s912 drivers vs s905x. you can’t do anything about it.

Ues that’s right S912 soc’s are lacking proper gpu drivers so softwaredecoding (inputstream adaptive) on S912 is not possible

it’s ARM big.LITTLE, it’s not 8 cores in the same sense as a desktop CPU, performance will be worse than a S905 box because we are using Android gralloc due to having no fbdev libMali for this SoC.

Thanks for the answers. maybe at some point the netflix can be done with hardware accel. otherwise this is nice box in android side and kodi also very good. thanks again appreciate the help. thanks for great software and work you guys do

I doubt this, we have waited more than 2 years already for compatible binary blobs and nothing… S912 will most likely be droppped after the switch to mainline as well.

@anon88919003 Probably a dumb question… Did you try this GPU drivers? https://github.com/CoreELEC/CoreELEC/pull/1/commits/2ff3ae4870ea8a6fb054f52a352a1af6d49f5c6a

wrxtasy said:
“Also CPU software decoding and rendering is much improved allowing for
example 1080p 11Mbps H264 software decoding to be used on S912’s.
Which should be good for 1080p H264 Netflix and possbily Amazon Video.”

Yes we tried this in a previous release, wrxtasy is wrong and it does nothing other than increase the cpu temperature by 10oC

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Has there been any further progress on this issue?

Is this a possibility? www.cnx-software.com/2018/08/13/amlogic-open-source-video-decoder-s905-s905x-s912/amp/

No there hasn’t been movement on this for almost a year now, I wouldn’t expect there to be any time soon either.

Shame. That article is from about 3 weeks ago.

Is this still a question? Netflix in S912 is useless? I’ve tried different versions of the addon and still everything seems to be in slow motion or doesn’t even play. Now I think I’ll need a fresh install of coreelec because I messed mine completely.
For those usins S912 what’s the best addon version of Netflix you used?

None of the available addon versions are working currently, because of a change at Netflix.

Thanks. I’ve seen it now. I’ll wait for the fix.

I would not be so pessimistic.
The mainline version of amlogic VPU (for hardware decoding) already “works” and it is under testing in LE. Only for S905x due to the lack of fbdev mesa blob for S912 (and we cannot use libhybris due to mainline kernel that is not well supported).
Anyhow also on the GL side, there are two full opensource projects, Lima for Mali found on S905x/d ecc… and Panfrost
There is still some way ahead, most important deliver a fdev version of these projects, while all the focus is now in desktop wayland/x11 version. Yet, Kodi will definitely support X11 and Wayland, so nothing prevents to use them also in amlogic

I’ve tried again and again, normally the video plays but only in 200 and something p. I try 720p and the video plays like in super slow motion. I pressed O I think, while playing a video and appears to be playing only 8fps and all the CPUs are running close to max. In IPTV all works fine.
As I’ve read that the S912 has problems with Netflix plugin I’d like to know if someone with S912 has the plugin running smoothly.
I’ll try and post a log later.

Don’t waste your time for this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well I gave it a shot before seeing this thread. Yep…lags terrible on S912. Might be time for a new box, this one approaching 2yrs and it’s served me well.

Is the S905D supported as good as the S905X (and as powerful)?

I would prefer the D because of the Gigabit availability.