S912 uboot


Hi I managed to install your uboot for my s912 box
It works with cec standby only if I delete the /dev/env partition
But then android won’t boot from emmc.
If I don’t delete /dev/env partition android does boot but cec standby doesn’t work in coreelec.

Why would this be
Is the /dev/env partition meant to be deleted?

The partition /dev/env hold the bootloader environment. I have no idea how this will affect CEC.
Also the installtointernal method isn’t supported by CE!

I am not working active on this u-boot branch anymore as some retired person removed every information needed and I think the branch will be removed later someday. Hopefully a ready to use bl301 blob will come up for GXL. But I am not sure this can also be used for GXM.

Hi can you tell me what the difference between cec19 and cec3f
Is? Is it for the communication of cec? Read about it on the old thread?