[S922X] Bee-link GT King

Some user that contacted Beelink regarding the GT-King Pro’s 1.7Ghz clock speed:

Thank you for your letter. In order to improve the stability of the system, we have done a down-clocking process on this CPU.
Best regards"

Down-clocking to 1.7Ghz while still advertising it as 2.2Ghz is false advertising.

I would suggest users stay with Odroid-N2 and Ugoos AM6 since their hardware is of much better quality and software support miles better.

Yeah, I’ve just read that as well.

So the Beelink have done the “down-clocking” and also have changed back to the older CPU serial number schema. Really? :slight_smile:

Someone else is claiming that the Amlogic stopped producing the 2.2 GHz S922X because of the stability issues.

And I’ve also read somewhere that the reason is that the 2.2 GHz has problems in the long term life.

The fact is that we will never know the real reason behind this. I can imagine a lot of scenarios like Amlogic producing the newer A311D and needing to get rid of the bunch of old S922X rev. A chips in its warehouses etc.

P.S. Anyone with the 2.2 GHz version is having the stability issues?

If you have a RevA chip, it’s only rated for 1.7GHz on the A73 cores.

my rev. a always makes 1.8ghz

Your rev. A has its A73 cores limited to 1.7 GHz as everyone else’s. Kodi is showing the frequency of the A53 cores which is 1.8 GHz for both rev. A and rev. B.

Ok, it seems the fun has just begun. :slight_smile:

Anyone can please make a summary of what we know about the different S922X revisions?
Are there any documents or confirmed info from the Amlogic itself we can point to?

What are the serial numbers? What are the frequency differences? What are the voltage differences? Is it for sure that there is a different hardware or could it possibly be done by a bootloader?

EDIT: What I’ve found so far:

Rev. A:
CPU serial: 290a…
A73 max freq: 1704 MHz
Core voltage: higher than rev. B?
8K decode: ?

Rev. B:
CPU serial: 290b…
A73 max freq: 2208 MHz
Core voltage: lower than rev. A?
8K decode: possibly up to 8K@60fps?

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Following on from the Freaktab thread.
I have both the Beelinks GT KING Pro & the UGOOS AM6.
I took this from my UGOOS AM6.
Maybe the information might be useful.

This is the email reply I got from Beelink this morning.
It came after many days of emails back & forth during which they denied there were two versions of the GT King Pro out there.

The default frequency of the S922X is 1.8Ghz, and the overclocking can reach 2.2Ghz. However, because Amlogic claims that the S922X overclocking reaches 2.2Ghz, the product will be unstable, and the chip will overheat. Some problems occur during use, and 1.8Ghz is stable. The best frequency of operation, in order to maintain the stability of the product, we began to set the default frequency of the S922X product to 1.8Ghz.
If the customer wants, we can restore the firmware running at the highest frequency of 2.2Ghz, but this may make the product unstable.
Best regards

Rev. B: CPU serial: 290b…

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Thx, added the serial to the above post.

Btw. I wonder if recently bought AM6 boxes are being downclocked as well.

yes, I got my AM6 today from Geekbuying and it’s rev A.

To be honest at this stage I have no idea of what I have in either my GT King Pro or my UGOOS AM6
Also remember there’s a UGOOS AM6 Pro as well which I don’t have.

Can someone explain to me how I can find out what version of CPU I have ?

I just took this from my Beelink GT King Pro.

1800&1704 is rev.a
How to check:

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Thanks for that boot2k3.
Its over my head but I’ll give it a go when I get the chance.
Can I do any damage by just entering cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Serial

damage is not possible, cat is only for reading…:grinning:

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Well I did the test on both my GT King Pro & Ugoos AM6.
The GT King Pro is Rev A & the Ugoos AM6 is Rev B.

Serial: 290b

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If it’s revB with the correct dtb you will have 2.2 Ghz. In CoreELEC.

Don’t look at the CPU speed displayed in Kodi, it always shows 1800 MHz for both rev. A and rev. B because it is showing the frequency of A53 cores and not the A73.


What do I need to do to check the 8K decoding on the rev. A? I’ve simply tried to play 8K using the latest nightly and all I got was a black screen but I don’t know if it is supposed to work this way on the rev. B.

Use inputstream addon, set decoder to max resolution, try some 8K youtube video.

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