[S922X] Bee-link GT King

Okay I’m sorry, thanks for your help!

Do you have an approximative date for a fix in a stable version?

No, there is no ETA for next stable. Never was, never will.

Ok thank you.

I have an other (sound) issue with my DTS movies… no problem for Dolby Digital but a big with DTS, the sound “cracks”… it’s unplayable. Despite the logo “DTS” appears on the display of my AVR so the pass through works it seems but the decoding not. I think my settings are good : 2.0 channels, HDMI decode / pass-through, DTS capable receiver enabled… (I use my AVR for audio only via HDMI ARC).

I find a “fix” by enabling AC3 transcoding, it’s good with the logo “DD” on my AVR, but it doesn’t sounds like an optimal solution as it’s not DTS.

OK I have updated to the last Nightly and it seems it has resolved both my HDR 10+ and audio issues!

My HDR10+ movies are played in HDR 10 and I don’t know why but the DTS works, with the same settings…

Only one problem : I can’t access to the movie database to download informations. I have a message “unable to connect to remote server”.

My connection is the same, never has changed (Ethernet)… a clue?

EDIT : “could not connect to repository” message too

I reboot to android and internet is working well…

I bet that this is the fix for broken gigabit ethernet Beelink delivered into new Android firmware:


I highly doubt it.

the gbit ethernet is very unstable even the box has updated to lastest android firmware.

A new Firmware is out: 906P0


  1. Optimize the system
  2. Join Miracast (Android phone can cast screen to the box)
  3. The version number is 906P0
  4. Add sd card brush function
    Note:905P0_20191010 can be upgraded to906P0 OTA

I’ve just updated to 906P0 flawlessly (from Android, using OTA).
Since then, CoreELEC displays only green stuff on my TV, as if the color subspace was wrong. This happens at the very first steps of the boot process.
It does not happen with Android though. Any idea how to fix this ?

dispinfo output: http://ix.io/1ZXK

I did add this to the autostart.sh script a few months back as I had some issue with RGB display:
“echo rgb,8bit > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr”

I tried to remove it an relaunch, but the screen issue remains.

Try to update to nightly build

replying to myself, I saw in the Khadas VIM3 thread that the green screen issue has already been reported there, and it was due to some patch applied on newer firmware.

I updated to last nightly and colors are back to normal.
[ 0.746311@0] 1A2B com register: 82820501
[ 0.746317@0] 1A4B com register: 82820501
[ 0.746319@0] 1A4C com register: 9075507f
[ 0.746321@0] 1C32 com register: 00000000
[ 0.746323@0] 1C34 com register: 00000005
[ 0.746324@0] 1C3D com register: 00000462
[ 0.746373@0] 1A2B com register: 82820501
[ 0.746374@0] 1A4B com register: 82820501
[ 0.746376@0] 1A4C com register: 9075507f
[ 0.746377@0] 1C32 com register: 00000000
[ 0.746378@0] 1C34 com register: 00000005
[ 0.746380@0] 1C3D com register: 00000462

Yep, as it should…
Or you can downgrade Android if you want to use 9.2.0 stable until next CE stable release

I had this issue with 9.2 stable. I used Nightly and the colors were fixed. Sticked to nightly for the moment

I downgraded the firmware.

I’ve just got my GT-King Pro with S922X-H which is supposed to run at 2.2 GHz but it boots only with the Rev A DTB limited to 1.7 GHz. The serial starts with 290a4000. Is this expected? Is there a way to get the Pro version running at full speed?

Running the stable 9.2 results in the green screen issue, so I’m running the nightly build and that seems to work fine.

290a is rev. a. So it’s expected and no way to run it on rev.b frequencies.

So the question should be: Is it expected to get the rev. a CPU in the new GT-King Pro? The box came from GearBest and was advertised as S922X-H running at 2,2 GHz.

Gearbest has a lot of false advertising, so you have to research a device a couple of times to make sure what it supports or not.
Amlogic also stopped producing the 2.2Ghz S922x since it had too many stability problems, so all devices are 1.8Ghz now.
The other newer Amlogic chip A311D used in eg. the Vim3 still runs at 2.2Ghz.

Mine is revision b. Got it from the manufacturer.

I did the proper research before ordering the device and I’ve not seen the GT-King Pro with the rev. A specs anywhere. They are advertised exclusively with the rev. B specs. Actually it makes sense to make the Pro version with the higher clock considered the full aluminum case with the enhanced cooling system. This box with the rev. A CPU hardly ever go above 40 degrees so it seems somewhat under powered.

I’ve sent a message to the dealer, let’s see what’s their attitude going to be.

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