[S922X] Beeling GT-KING + DVB-T Tuner + TVH = no channel found

i’ve just sold my old WETEK PLAY 2 and now i’m trying to install live DVB-T channel on a Beeling GT-KING + USB dongle DVB-T TUNER (model TVR801 with RTL2832 chip) + TVHEADEND.

i’ve tried 2 differents installations of COREELEC on GT-KING box : one time with “19.5-Matrix_rc2” other time with “9.2.8” + TVHEADEND 4.2 and also TVHEADEND 4.3 (not same time !).

Same issue = no services found, i’ve got 40 muxes come from predifined muxes for my region (same for my old WETEK), same antenna cable so i’m sure of my DVB-T reception.

I try also with a another USB DVB-T tuner : SONY PLAY TV (DiBcom 7000PC) and same issue, tuner well detected in TVH but no services found

If some one can help me


Have you enabled the Coreelec Module Drivers? If not, I seem to recall you install from the Coreelec add-ons repo from the Program Addons section. After that you run the addon and select from one of the 3 options. I’m in the UK using a Haupauge tuner and I use the DVB drivers from the latest kernel but it might be different for your tuner.

thanks for your help, i’ve installed DVB drivers from Coreelec add-ons repo, reboot, but nothing to scan…
i’ve installed w_scan from add-ons repo and i’ve ran it on console and all SERVICES ARE DETECTED (only for PLAY TV TUNER // for the other USB tuner TVR801 no services detected very strange) .

On the channel.conf file from w_scan i’ve noticed one difference between the file and the confiration of the muxes from TVH : default setting for “guard interval = 1/32” and i see 1/8 from channel file.

I’ve set guard interval to AUTO, and now my services are detected.

=> for my conclusion : even if your DVB tuner is well detected in TVH (my USB tuner TVR801) TVH will not able to detect service…

Not sure from what you’ve said if you have activated any of the 3 available driver “packs”. In my terms, have you run the program add-on “Coreelec Module Drivers” and chosen a dvd module? The choices are
Coreelec default drivers or
Dvb drivers for TBS or
DVB drivers from the latest kernel


i don’t know if i well done, but those 4 add on are activate : Coreelec Module Drivers + DVB drivers from the latest kernel + DVB drivers for TBS + DVB tools

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