[S922X Odroid N2] Hyperion.NG with CoreElec

Hello everybody, this is my 1st post with an interesting question!

  1. How can I install Hyperion.ng?
  2. Can I also install Hyperion.ng via the GitHub, if so how?
  3. Are there differences in the versions differences between Odroid N2 and Rsapberry?
  4. Is there any HowTo?
  5. Can I install them via console (putty)?

There is a Hyperion.ng Addon in the CoreELEC repo. Just install it. Configure it via web-interface.
Port is 8090:

Thanks @andy5macht,

  • Can you answer the above points?

  • The Hyperion.ng in the repo is, is great.
    The dependencies are automatically downloaded with the install. So it would be common practice.

  • What about hyperion.service?
    Need it as a service with automatic start
    for OSMC and Raspberry, the service looks like this.

sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/hyperion.service

… and insert the following content in it.

Description=Hyperion ambient light systemd service



Finally, restart the systemd service and activate / start the Hyperion.NG service.

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable hyperion.service
sudo systemctl start hyperion.service

That’s It

Just think. If it is permanetly installed as an addin and you can access the web interface anytime, is it installed as a service? The answer is yes.

So that means it also starts automatically when I start up CoreElec.

HyperionControl also works?
Sorry for my stupid questions.
I get an Odroid N2 for Christmas and get off Raspberry. :wink: