S922X revisions and clock speeds

I see that Odroid N2+ has a higher clocked 2.2Ghz vs 1.8Ghz version of the SoC. Is this only for hardkernel or do all new S922x’s now run at higher speed - e.g. if I buy an Android tv box with it, will it have the newer revision?

I know a lot of this depends on where the oem gets their components from, how good cooling is etc, all of which is very variable with these boxes, but just want a general idea. esp from the more popular and well supported ones like Ugoos/Beelink etc?

Also is the higher speed noticeable in daily use. Its already a pretty fast SoC.

I doubt that any of the other boxes/SBC’s use the latest SOC REVISION unless advertising the fact, so best to ask them.

If they were then you can bet that thy would be making it headline in their advertising, especially with Hardkernel being a direct competitor.

Well I doubt the Chinese tv box makers consider Hardkernel a competitor and I doubt the purchasers of these know or care about the cpu inside. Buying them for CoreElec is a pretty niche use is my guess.

Even the primary customer of RPi/Odroid will be the enthusiast who wants to use it for a variety of projects. CE happens to be one thing its very good at.

If AMLogic only makes the new revision now, then it makes sense everyone gets it. They clearly dont charge extra for the faster one so I was asking if they even make the old one anymore.

If you buy Ugoos AM6 Plus Amlogic S922XJ TV Box, or Minix NEO U22-XJ you’ll get new revision.
Edit, not necessarily new revision, but higher clock speeds (S922XJ ->2.2GHz)

Btw, at the moment fastest Amlogic devices:
SBC -> Odroid N2 Plus
BOX -> Ugoos AM6 Plus

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