S922x, TvHeadend and transcoding

I was wondering whether any S922x users who use TVH to record OTA TV broadcasts know whether the SOC supports on the fly video transcoding.

The S912 certainly doesn’t but I’ve not read anything about whether the power of the S922x is enough to enable the capability.

Try it and tell us. It seems to me that a processor with a maximum power of 8 Watts such as the S922x is insufficient for this. Nvidia Shield TV Box with a maximum power of 20 Watts can transcode, but badly and with many limitations.

Surprisingly the weedy Atomic Pi with its quad core Intel Atom processor can do this without breaking a sweat. The AMlogic chips are very specifically tailored to a very specific role.


As soon as I get my hands on a board I will.


I do have av x5-Z8350 box and did try it on that but could not get it to work.

Do you have a link to info about how it was done on the Atomic Pi as I’d like to see if I am doing anything different/wrong?

It was over at the Atomic-Pi reddit forum, he seemed to indicate that he had multiple transcoding threads going through the PI simultaneously.

i have an Atomic-pi running a media center and its a very competent little performer if you only need 1080 resolutions. The built in 4W per channel a digital amplifier is a great boon for a single box system.


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I’m check those boards out.