[S922X] X88 King

CEC is Working.You can try the TV’s remoter.

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I leave here, the files that I have taken from android. In case they serve something.

Edit: The remote works correctly with the remote.conf of the x96 air, since they have the same.

Any news on a dtb from the smart people. I think it is still 2 days in discount for 64 euro on aliexpress. But I am not going to buy it if I can not hook up the external hard drive. Sticking in a coreelec usb card and saying thanks a lot is about the maximum of my capabilities.


Please help me.

I just bought a x88 king but the remote control is not working as it should, and sometimes not at all.

What to do?

No news about dtb?

Note, there are no conf files in the repo, in fact I did say a month or so ago, I would not be maintaining it, due to illness, so there are no new device remote files there. Searching the forum is the other way to possibly find them.

Did find this [S905X3] X96Air_P2/P3 4/32GB 1Gbit Lan (How to config)

Using the box via HDMI CEC. Overall - works perfectly, not counting inconvenience of a USB remote absence. Still crossing fingers for a dtb developer geek)

I guess magicsee n6 plus is a copy of the subject. Hope the clone will be more popular

you could, if you have superuser rights, extract the dtb files within android.

dtc -l dtb -O dts -o dts dtb.img


fdtdump dtb.img> dts2

I wasn’t succesfull. It either didn’t recognize the commands, or it couldn’t write the file cause didn’t have superuser rights.

*Tried to convert the dtb.img from this topic to the text format, but it says the header of the file is bad. Further there’s a topic like this on libreelec forum. It says not only the dtb.img has to fit, but also the kernel must have the usb capabilities in it. So the developers of libreelec must support the x88 king again.


it’s been a while since this box was mentioned on this forum, so i like to bring it up again. We know that ethernet is working on this box working with coreelec. Now the usb support is still missing. And the box, it keeps on triggering the hdmi port, even if the box isn’t powered to mains. My question is, whether there are chances the usb will get supported in future?


@mark1978 Keep all issues regarding this box in this thread / topic.

@mark1978 please try these dtbs here and here and let me know if there is any change.


g12b_s922x_4g.dtb : stuck at bootlogo

g12b_s922x_4g_rev_a.dtb : message device tree too old, then normal boot, then no network and no usb.

Will give the first device tree a second try.
This g12b_s922x_4g_rev_a.dtb from the daily coreelec image works still best.
Network is working, usb is not. dtb.img (84.6 KB)

I need the original Android device tree to compare it.

dtb.img (256 KB) Isn’t this the android device tree? Just not in text format.

Try this one here.

usb is working !! Just it seems now the ethernet isn’t working. And out-of-date error.

What device tree was you originally using with working ethernet?

dtb.img (84.6 KB) This one.