[S922X] X88 King

One more S922x box has recently hit the market. This one has intriguing specs and can already be found for <$90US on AliExpress/Banggood. It has 128GB/4GB standard for this price which is impressive. I’m tempted to pick one up just to fool around with.

Any plans to support this box?


any news about suport to this box?

I have this box.It can boot to CoreELEC,but all USBPort is not working.I try all the S922x DTB.So it can’t link the input device.

Does the remote that come with it work? If it does you can try pairing USB keyboard with the built in Bluetooth.

I have a NAS, so if everything else works hopefully we can get the USB ports going eventually.

The remote can’t work.The DTB of Odroid can flicker the redlight in box,but it’s not work.When KODI started,I can visit boxip:8080

The USB Port is not work. I try keyboard&mouse already.

You could try to start CE box from USB stick(just for test)…
May be the same as here:

I tried.black screen.When this state,I insert a mouse,The mouse’s light on 0.5 second

Usb ports are not working until someone can create a custom dtb for this box. Can it be generated from an android dtb? I haven’t found how to do it, any help would be really appreciated.

Using odroid n2 dtb ethernet, video and sound work, so it’s usable. You can control kodi with your phone using the embedded web server in http://box.ip.add.ress:8080 there is a remote control icon on top of the page that works fine. But wifi, Bluetooth and USB don’t work at the moment.

I have used your tutorial to create a meson-ir config file, and the remote works, but not well, most of the times you need to press a key several times to get detected. Maybe I can change a parameter to fix it, anyone can help with this?
I’m also trying to use amremote, and I’ve copied some remote.conf files to /storage/.config but no success so far. Should this work with the android firmware remote config files? There are 3 or 4 config files in /vendor/etc/remote* I’ll try them later.

CEC is Working.You can try the TV’s remoter.

I leave here, the files that I have taken from android. In case they serve something.

Edit: The remote works correctly with the remote.conf of the x96 air, since they have the same.