Samba crashes while transferring files

I’ve got CoreElec running on an Odroid C4, with an external USB hard drive. Playing from the drive works great. However, reading and writing to the HD from the network has issues. If I use a Fire Stick to play files on the shared HD, it will sometimes stutter and freeze despite a good network connection. If I’m copying a few GB of files to the HD, it sometimes works fine, sometimes slows down to 50% speed or worse, and sometimes stops responding completely. When that happens, disabling and re-enabling Samba fixes things. Any thing I can do to get Samba to be more reliable? Lock it to SMB1? Or SMB3?

In my opinion samba is garbage, and always has been, i have never ever gotten it to work stable on any device, im sure many here will disagree.


At least indicate your CE version?
I have 19.5 installed on a S905X3 box for years with SMB shares on 24*7, 99.9% stable except the overheat caused by my docker container. There are speed influctuation yes but that is normal as SMB is encrypted so there are some overhead. The difference is I use wired connection.
Try using wired cable and see if any improvement.

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