Samsung Smart Remote w/ N2+ through Yamaha receiver

I’m using an ODROID-N2+ connected to my RX-V367 Yamaha receiver which is connected to a Samsung Q75R TV. I’ve always used the Yamaha universal remote that came with the receiver to control all three devices but today I’ve moved over to using the Samsung smart remote.

I have everything configured to use the Samsung smart remote successfully but what I’ve found is that the Yamaha and Samsung TV controls are great, good range, etc. but then controlling Kodi (using either MCE or Xbox ‘profiles’ on the Samsung wizard), while working fine nearby, struggle to get more range than 2m or so.

After some troubleshooting, I tried to remove the ODROID factory translucent black cover and the range improved drastically! So for now I’ve ended up drilling a hole where the IR receiver module is on the case.

BUT this now poses some questions;

  1. Why is IR being used here when I’m pretty sure I have CEC configured?
  2. Is there a better way to go about this type of setup?


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