Scraper issue


I have 2 Odroid C2, one on CoreElec and one on LibreElec, just for comparison and test purposes.
CoreElec is definitely better, mainly on the Video and Audio parts.

But I get a weird behavior with the scraper, whether TMDB or Universal.
They both miss some movies.
To be precise, some movies are not recognized at all, some wrongly.


  • Dark.Phoenix.2019.1080p.mkv - not recognized
  • The.Secret.Life.of.Pets.2.2019.1080p.mkv - wrongly recognized

The same addons on LibreElec recognize those movies just fine, which confirms my use of both, for now.

I can give as much more details as you want.

Thanks in advance, keep up with the good work !!

I sometimes get this, as well as two files with entirely different names being recognised as being the same.

However, this also happens from time to time when using Kodi in Windows or Libreelec on X86, so it’s not exclusive to CE, which indicates that it is more of an issue for the addon or remote scraper service.

It is correct the vast majority of the time though and as I can’t expect perfection, I accept the tiny flaws and fix them manually where possible.

There’s a setting I think it’s somewhere in Media, it’s called something like “Use video tags”. Make sure it’s off: it messes with scraping

(Terrible setting shouldn’t even exist!)

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