Scraping issues

I’m having some scrapping issues on CE 8.90.2. running from the SD card on a Beelink Mini MXIII II.

I keep getting this error “Unable to connect to remote server would you like to continue scanning” when scraping info for movies located on a server that the box connects to through NFS. I use TMDB as the scrapper.

Also, when scraping TV shows, only 2 series out of about 60 get picked up. But I don’t get the “unable to connect” error. I use TVDB as the scrapper.

I used to run LE and had no issues. Still running it on a 2nd identical box with same setup and don’t run into problems.

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to solve this? I’d love to run KODI Leia.

Thanks !

I’m not 100% certain this is the problem, but…

For TV series scraping, TheTVDB’s api website was down for maintenance over the last couple of days but was working again as of this morning so the problems you were experiencing should be resolved by now. Also you might want to make sure you are updated to the latest version of the addon 3.0.2 which should be available via the kodi repo.

For the movie scraping, also make sure you have updated to the latest TMDB and IMDB addons. There were updates recently to those scrapers as well.

Hope this is helpful.


Good suggestion, it fixed the TV Shows scrapping.

But the movie scrapping still gives me the same error. What’s weird is that it always stops at the same movies, every time I scan for new content. I click continue then it stop at another specific movie. This is repeatable.

Why ideas?


I did, but it doesn’t do that well when using french as the language. But no connection error at least.

I am on CE 8.90.2 and the latest version of the TVDB addon available to me is 3.0.1. Any hints on how to get the update?

Edit: installed the update manually from here and now it works: