SD card for storage causes slow boot

I have CoreELEC installed on eMMC on an Odriod C2. I have an external USB drive connected for DVR storage and wanted to add a SD card for additional storage for add-ons. When I install the SD card, the boot time increases dramatically. What typically takes less than a minutes ends up taking nearly 5 minutes. Is this normal?

SD cards come in different qualities.
When I accidentally used a class4 card I would see the same thing.
Make sure you use a class10 card at least and it should be fine.

There could be other things in play but this is what most likely is happening

Sorry for the late reply. It is a class 10 card. I guess if it just causes a delay in boot, then I can live with it. I don’t reboot it a lot and it’s more of a nuisance than an issue.