SD resolutions?

Please make the SD resolutions (480p, 576p) available in output resolutions and Whitelist too.

Kodi decision (I think) - CE is an OS that runs Kodi :wink:

I got a Kodi version from a CE developer which allow these resolutions, but not working well on S905X. The resolution changed, but the whole picture is shifted to down even on 720p.
I tried the latest alpha Kodi on windows, and the picture is fine.

You can already do this and there is already a how to on the forum :roll_eyes:

I donโ€™t like to use analog output.
The Amlogic upscaling algorithm is very weak, and I want to use the TVโ€™s upscaling capability for SD materials (DVDs, old home videos, etc).

I have removed the patch that hides the SD HDMI modes, the resolutions will be available again in the next version

Many thanks!
Please try it, before published, or send to me a test version, if possible.

Maybe need to correct the axis too: