SD TV Stream: 576i not detected, video not smooth

Hello Everyone!

I hope this is the right forum area for my problem - please move the thread if it’s not!

My box:
S905X3 4GB
CoreELEC 19.2-Matrix_rc3

Until recently, I never used CoreELEC for Live TV.
Things are about to change in that regard, since I will move soon(ish) and I plan to use CoreELEC as my platform for watching a little bit of Live SD TV.
I live in Germany and the only private TV stations I really watch from time to time belong to the “Pro 7” station group.

There is a (legal) plugin to watch these stations free in SD called “ProSiebenSat.1”, it’s part of the German “Kodinerds” repo.
The plugin works very well - in principle.

Unfortunately, I have a few problems with the stream:

The source video signal is 576i50 = 720x576 Interlaced @ 50Hz.
Kodi (or rather CoreELEC) detects the stream as 1024x576 Progressive @ 25Hz.
Aspect ratio is fine, but that’s about it.

  1. Compared to watching the same Live TV via the internal SAT tuner of my TV, the video is very jerky. Not smooth at all.
    I tried a lot, but nothing solves the issue that the stream is detected as P25 instead of I50.
    Adding this…
echo 1 > /sys/module/di/parameters/bypass_all

…manually (SSH) or in does not help, since Kodi thinks the stream is Progressive.

  1. Because of the incorrectly detected resolution of 1024x576 instead of 720x576, whitelisting does not work, hence the box scales to 1080p. Since the source signal is bad as it is, losing the good scaling of the TV hurts even more.

Could you guys help me with this?
Are there any solutions/improvements?

Please upload some 30 seconds sample to check on mega or any other resource.

Thanks for your answer!

I am very sorry for the late reply…
Unfortunately, I do not know how to record the stream.

However, I checked this on Windows Kodi as well and it was the same issue.
Accordingly, I think the stream actually is different from the Cable and SAT signals and it is converted to what I see in CoreELEC.
It’s a shame, because sports really suffers from the reduced framerate.

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