Searching for a new S905X3 box with some features (bluetooth, WiFi, official support)

Hey CoreELEC lovers and enthusiasts!

After researching and scrolling through this forum for a while I decided to post my first question on here as I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I’m looking for a box with a S905X3 chip and has the following features:
• Bluetooth - As I want to connect it to my earphones
• WiFi - I’m thinking about using WiFi because using an Ethernet cable is not very convenient in my case
• Remote - I want the remote to work so that I can turn it on and off with it
• HDR - preferably HDR support
• official support - as in that the name/model of the box is in the list of supported devices. This is because I want to spend as little as possible on tweaking the settings for things to work.

Is there a cheap “Chinese” box that meet my requirements?

Thank you in advance!

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