Self Hosted VPN server and CoreElec VPN client setup

I have a VPN server in my router so that I can access my home network remotely. I was thinking about trying to setup a CoreElec box with a vpn client so that I could access my samba shares / media when I am traveling.

Every guide I have been seen focuses upon using a VPN client to connect to a 3rd party commercial VPN provider.

In theory I would expect that I could use a VPN client in CoreElec to access my home network via samba while away.

I was hoping someone could confirm that the setup I want to build will work.
Any tips or guides would also appreciated.

Have no doubts, it will work very well, I have been using this for several years.

You will have different alternatives: connect with a single device, with several devices on the home network, go to the internet from the home network, … You will also have to study if you need a DDNS.

It’s a bit long to explain, start studying.

I am already running ddns for my ftp server, so that part is in place.
Thanks for the confirmation that it can work.

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