Sending HDMI output wirelessly to a projector

I’ve got Coreelec running on an Odroid C4, with Wifi and Bluetooth USB devices, and everything works great. Now, I want to send the output of the HDMI to a Wireless dongle of some sort. I’ve never used Airplay or Miracast. Do I need HDMI devices at both ends? Can Coreelec act as the transmitter, and I just get a receiver at the other end? I want to wirelessly connect a projector. Thanks!

HDMI wireless repeaters exist; however they are expensive ($100 - 200 plus). Depending on the model and price they may also have limitations on range, functionality and resolution.
I too use CE with a projector. My preferred set up is to co-locate the CE box with the projector, locally powered and with a wired HDMI connection, and use Bluetooth for remote audio connection to the amp.
After all, if you need an HDMI repeater box at the projector end anyway, why not put the C4 there instead?

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, this is going in a camper, with a very small projector. I’m mounting the projector to the ceiling, and there’s very little room. Also, I already have a spot for the C4, connected to a TV, and would like transitioning from TV to projector to be as easy as possible, possibly using both at the same time. I was thinking of another C4, or maybe a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W running Core/Libre, and connect by Wifi to the C4 which is sharing it’s HD files. Does anyone know if a Pi Zero2W is powerful enough for comfortable 1080p? Any other options? DNLA?

As an update, I tried a few different Miracast/DNLA adapters, with no success. I then took an Amazon Fire Stick, installed Kodi, and navigated to the network location of my Odroid C4’s hard drive. This worked.

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