set key repeat rate of Bluetooth RC

I love the cheap FireTV Remote (modell CV98LM, Bluetooth version) but I have problems with setting up the key longpress repeate rate of it. The method I used untill now on my old libreelec generic build does not work on my Coreelec Amlogic installation (copying /usr/lib/systemd/system/xorg.service to /storage/.config/system.d and adding “-ardelay 5000 -arinterval 1000”)

any method to do this on CoreElec? Please remember this ist not an IR remote.
Zhanx for any replies.

PS: Longpressing of keys does not work too on CoreElec. Neitehr waking up system with BT (all this worked on generic Libreelec 9, with an USB BT Dongle).

interesting that obviously noone is using this great and cheap BT remote with coreelec.
The amlogic platform is great but the BT functionallity compared with a generic PC platform (libreelec) it is a desaster.

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