Settings CoreELEC DLNA/UPNP Renderer Player only

Written to help members who may have same issue.

I’ve just identified an issue when using CE as a renderer to stream files from my
Android Phone.

Using BubbleUpNP APK on my phone , my TX3 Mini was not showing up as a renderer on my Network.

I used Fing APK and the TX3 Mini was showing up BUT no UpNP service in Kodi Services.

Through trial and error I discovered that with a WiFi USB Adapter , I had to go into CoreELEC Settings and activate Wait for Network before starting Kodi , then reboot.

UpNP was then available. SOLVED.

This only happens with Wifi .

Does not happen with Ethernet which i use 90% of the time.

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Thank you. This worked on the latest version on my x96 air.

Thanks for reporting and welcome to your first post.

Such an old thread i barely remember opening it :grin:

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