SFTP to storage drive

{Hello all! I am sure this question has been asked many time but I cannot find an answer in the forums. Apologies for the repeat}

I have a GS Beelink in which I have installed an ext4 drive. I have rsync’d over a lot of files. All works well in playback.

I now wish to add more files -without having to dissemble the box and physically attach the drive to my computer.

I can access the kodi box with SFTP through the Dolphin file manager- but am unable to locate the drive with media on it! I see my directories: Video, Music, Tvshows -but these directories are empty!
I cannot see my installed media drive titled ‘Kodilocal’ in the file system through SFTP! I also have hidden files enabled.

How can I find and write to my installed drive ‘Kodilocal’?

nb I also have Samba but it has stopped working. Timeout issue.

Ok, it just dawned on me that rather than digging down in the file structure trying to find the drive that perhaps I should check where the file structure opens at and see it I can go upwards in the the file structure!
Indeed I can!
I found the installed drive and have transferred a file.


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