Short black screen after playing a video?

I’m using a S905X box and CoreELEC 8.95.5. I never shutdown my box so I only switch from TV to HDMI and HDMI to TV.
With the lastest builds (I don’t remember when it started, perhaps 8.95.3), when I play a video, it starts to play some seconds then there is a black screen for 1 or 2 seconds then the video still plays.
I don’t know if it’s an issue or if it’s normal but in the past, I didn’t get this.
Thank you.

What fps have your video? Is it 25i?
If yes, than you can try to left only 50p in whitelist.

No logs, no any details about video stream, no information about your TV frame rate before video starts, as result no answer on your question.

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Thank you, I’m sorry I’ll give more elements soon

So my TV is a Samsung UE48H6400.
Kodi runs at 1920x1080 / 60p.
I can play video at differents fps : 23,976, 24, 25
No problem with 24p, only with 25 (p or i, can I see it on Kodi ?)
So if I left only 50p in white list, all other formats will not work ? ie 24p will be played at 50p ?
Thank you !

The problem most probably is your whitelist configuration.
Your TV first switches to 25Hz and a few seconds later to 50Hz.

Try to remove the following resolutions/refresh rates from your whitelist:

  • resolutions higher than 3840x2160
  • resolutions lower than 1280x720
  • all 25Hz refresh rates
  • all 30Hz refresh rates

All other options should be activated.

Thank you, I’ll try it !
My TV seems to start to play at 60p (it doesn’t switch, it lets at the same refresh rate than interface so 60p) then switch to 25p. I’ll configure the white list and let you know.

Thank you, it seems to work !
And if I use it on a 4K screen, it will be the same ? But I’ll choose 3840x2160 instead of 1920x1080 ?
Thank you.

Yes, the above list is valid on 4K displays, too.
But for the GUI I would always recommend 1080p@50Hz - even on 4K displays.
You won’t recognize a big visual difference to a 4K GUI resolution, but animations are much smoother and more stable.

Also, if you set your GUI refresh rate to 50Hz, your TV doesn’t need to switch the refresh rate when starting a TV channel or other 25fps content.

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