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It would be amazing to see the version in the dialog saying that “there’s a new version, would you like to upgrade?” and in the dialog saying that “a new version has been downloaded, would you like to reboot to install it?”

E.g., something like “there’s a new version (21.0-Omega-rc2), would you like to upgrade?” and “a new version (21.0-Omega-rc2) has been downloaded, would you like to reboot to install it?”, respectively.

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No, pre-releases like beta, rc or whatever are quite unstable so there is no auto update enabled at all to avoid any unknown damage.

I wasn’t asking to upgrade to pre-releases.
Let me change the example then, if that makes it more clear:

E.g., something like “there’s a new version (21.0-Omega), would you like to upgrade?” and “a new version (21.0-Omega) has been downloaded, would you like to reboot to install it?”, respectively.

Now the update system is broken, and it does in fact update to an alpha release (despite the final supposedly being available and 21.0-rc2 really being available), and it would be nice if it would say which version it’s downloading and suggesting to update to.

All you ask is already included:

Where on that page does it include the version being downloaded and upgraded to in the dialogs? In fact, the dialog on that page specifically lacks the feature I’m asking for:

It just says “an update”, without specifying which version that update is. Am I being horribly unclear? I wish that it would include the version of the update. I showed examples of how the texts including the version number might look. I do not understand where the miscommunication here is.

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Feel free to PR your changes to include it here:

I’m guessing the changes would be on lines


but I’m not familiar enough with the code to understand where to get the version number from. It’s probably easy for someone familiar with all those data structures, but would take me quite a while to get anywhere with it.

Also, I’m new to kodi and coreelec in general, and to this community in particular, but is it normal here that a reply to a feature request is just “do it yourself”? I mean, sure, I often get my hands dirty, but TBH I’m just not quite used to…eh…this…
And if I’d think it wouldn’t be orders of magnitude more easy for an established contributor than for me to do it I’d implement it myself, but then I wouldn’t waste time writing a feature request about it, now would I?

This way would be faster.

Devs has more than enough work to do and things like this are just not much priority (if any). We prefer always latest version anyway which means update with the offer whatever it is :slight_smile:

Right, except in this case the update is broken, and the fact that CE refuses to say which version it’s downloading/upgrading to makes it impossible for people to notice and …

… when they are suddenly downgraded to a much older alpha version when they thought they’d be upgraded.

If you really want to know the version you can look into update folder for filename.

And such breaks rarely happen.


Except I don’t know that I have to. And it’s by no means only my system that breaks, others are reporting experiencing the same thing. So you’re just fine with causing, as Portisch said, “unknown damage”, for countless people, just because you can’t be bothered to make the update message be proper like it should have been from the beginning? Something that will take a dev, what, 2 minutes to implement (and an unknown time to test, because I don’t know how the rebuild/deploy cycle works, or if it can be added in situ or whatever). But instead every single user will have to check their update folder every single time they want to update, just to make sure that the update isn’t some completely different version than it’s supposed to be?

Fine, I’ll take a look at it some day when I have a couple hours free, because better I spend a couple hours on this than that all users have to spend lots of extra time at every update.

You really underestimate the work!
Also don’t forget that everything is done in free time.

I’m out of discussion.

Do I? Are you sure? Isn’t it just a matter of adding a (%s) into the strings I already found for whoever will do it, and appending something like % self.struct['update']['settings']['Build']['value']? I might be wrong. I’ve developed professionally for about three decades, but I’m not familiar with this codebase, and not particularly familiar with python (although this doesn’t even look like proper python, but again, what do I know…)

Something went wrong, that’s for sure. This things happen, unfortunately. And yes, we ask for the community contribution specially if it’s some corner case. If you don’t know how to or don’t want to contribute that’s your choice. Indeed, it’s everyone’s choice as this is volunteer work. If you contributed or ever participated in this kind of projects you know that’s how it goes, we don’t have costumers, we have users. We attend to requests, not orders from clients.
Fortunately the community has contributed a lot to the project, namely in the last DV advancements. Sorry if our mistake was so disruptive for your setup, we try not to have these kind of bugs.
Help if you can, request what you need, don’t try (please) to tell us how to use our free time.

Yes, I have contributed, and I do know.

Well, the bug causing the update to choose a completely wrong version is one thing. It’s the critical thing. But that might need some debugging and thought and possibly even redesign to avoid in the future. It might take time. I didn’t even mention this bug in my request. I simply suggested that it would be amazing to have the tiny additional feature of including the version number in the update message. (Coincidentally one of the side effects of the suggested feature is that it would avoid the critical bug from wreaking havoc in many cases.)

I already offered to if nobody else will, because it’s a problem potentially causing broken systems for tons of users, and someone should do it, so if people familiar with the codebase won’t then I will, even if it takes me 100x the amount of time.

I did.

I haven’t and wouldn’t. I didn’t even criticize Portisch for not taking the time to read what he/she was replying to (as far as I can tell). I know he/she is doing this in the spare time, and it’s great to get a reply at all, and even multiple speedy ones at that, so I’m thankful and was just trying to clarify the request. And the whole CE and Kodi are amazing projects to begin with! And as I wrote, I know I’m new in this community, so I’m not presuming to know how things are done around here, what kind of athmosphere there is between devs (and users and other contributors) here. It just seemed a bit different from other projects. That’s ok. Everyone’s different in some way or another.

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