SIGSEGV error and constant crashes/reboots since updating library


Logs: and

Using CE on an Odroid N2 4GB, medias are on 2 external USB HDD, using the Aeon Silvo skin.
No banned add-ons or weird items installed, except for the odroidn2.oled plugin since I’ve added a 128X64 oled display on the unit. The CE OS is on a 16 Gb emmc module.

I have 2 remotes configured with Amremote; the original Hardkernel Odroid and an old WDTV remote I had lying around. Tried configuring them with meson-ir, but was having slowdowns when listening to FLAC hires or DSD music files, remotes were no responsive and lagging. These problems went away since going with AMremote and using 2X remote.conf files.

Last week, was on CE 19.5 because I was too lazy to start from scratch.
Only the movies and music files were scraped in library.
I also had and concerts movies in a separate directory, since I want to keep these on their own. TV shows are there also, but not scraped to library either.

Until then, I was accessing my concerts in “files” mode, but decided to scrape the movie concerts and to configure things so that movies and concerts were displayed on their own pages, by creating rules using library node editor (by following this tutorial:

After I did this, CE went balistic, had freezings and after maybe 30 seconds to a minute, it rebooted and went into safe mode. So tried a lot of things including starting from scratch with a fresh install of 20.2 CE, and still the same. So I’ve loaded back a fresh install of 19.5 on the emmc, restored an old 2021 backup I had, and updated everything so that my setup was almost the same as before I tried these changes. No more crashings since.

So this morning, I decided to try again a fresh 20.2 install but on a microSD card, so that I do not risk screwing things on the emmc again. Scraped TV shows, movies and concerts just fine, installed the Aeon Nox SILVO skin (only addon I’ve installed), etc. Did not install the oled plug in just in case.
Movies and concerts were scraped with the “local information” module, since all of the files had their own .nfo files. When scraped, movies media source was named “Films”, and concerts named “Concerts”.

This time, instead of using the library node editor, I tried adding separate topic on the Aeon skin homepage named “Films” and “Concerts”, and configuring these by displaying only media that was available in these sources, and not the other one (ie: not showing concerts iwhen viewing films and vice versa) . After doing this, things went crazy again, and same results than last week.

The logs provided are the one from this morning; however I can provide the ones from last week if needed, but errors in them are similar on 19.5 as well as on 20.2 started from scratch.

NB: please excuse in advance any typos or syntax / grammatical errors on this post, since english is not my native language. Merci :wink:

Bump. Any ideas, please ? Or should this kind of problem be adressed directly on the Kodi forums ? Thanks

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