Single-board for 4:2:2

I have Wetek play 2. I’m test play 1920x1088i, mpeg 4:2:2 10bit, yuv422p10le, sdr bt.709 formated video on this device. It’s played very slowly. It’s trying to play with software, not hardware.I think the processor doesn’t support it.

Can you sugges me a single board for that plays 4:2:2 videos?

Can’t suggest anything, as none of the Amlogic chips supports hardware decoding of the format you are trying to play.
It’s possible (but I can’t guarantee) that a device based on a S922X will be capable of doing it in software.

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I have same issue on N2 And VIM3. Tvheadend live tv and recorded videos live tv 1920x1080i, mpeg 4:2:2 10bit, yuv422p10le. It’s slow motion and shutter.

My record videos from live tv is below.!VKhnSSCA!kVkLMDHtNPsTrGCKaJGbdg

You will need an x86 cpu to play 4:2:2 1080i. Those videos play with no issues on my Gemini Lake J4105 ITX board (SW decoded). .


10bit H264 cannot be decoded in hardware on Amlogic.

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