Skin Estuary pvr

Any way to change the information and image of the programming in the main panel ?.
I cannot find the Estuary pvr skin on kodi 18 to modify.

In this way it is better detailed and more visible.
Thank you

This is more of a Kodi skin issue, I suggest you post there. Estuary Skin

Thanks for your reply. In the original Estuary CoreELEC layout, couldn’t this main panel view be changed ?.

Skins are maintained by their respective maintainers, not Team CoreELEC. This includes the default skins Estuary and Estouchy.

Please direct your questions in the appropriate Kodi forum.

Thank you.

Thanks, I have commented on it in the Skin Estuary section. There is not much activity on this topic, there is a solution or a variant of the Skin Estuary with a better design comes out, because the MOD version varies little from the original.


I have something like this
I can share with you as you like

Thanks a lot. I am using the modified Skin Aeon nox from the kodi forum. I would like to try a good skin estuary design.

It looks like my modification, but someone might have taken it over
my skin name is “”

a lot has changed in this skin “”
but more towards kodi 19
better art scrapping
epg grid better transitions
changed appearance of epg gride 2
reduced area and buttons in the pvr player
animation for cdart
buffer cache position
guide, user color
a little faster
and probably something else, I don’t remember

view tv channels, wide list, ad artwork - planned

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Thanks for your reply. I downloaded the Aeon Nox Glass skin from the kodi forum. I find it very good but I would like to try the Skin Estuary PVR because the Skin Estuary MOD varies little from the original. I can’t find the link to download Skin Estuary PVR that works in CoreELEC.

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Make sure to check out this awesome pvr skin aswell

Thanks, I know I use it on my second device. In the first device I use the Skin Aeon Nox Glass and in the second the Skin Unfussy, they are the two best designs for PVR that I have found waiting to be able to test Estuary PVR to compare.

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