Skin helper

    Error Type: <type ‘exceptions.ImportError’>
    Error Contents: No module named metadatautils
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/storage/.kodi/addons/”, line 10, in
    from resources.lib.main_service import MainService
    File “/storage/.kodi/addons/”, line 15, in
    from metadatautils import MetadataUtils
    ImportError: No module named metadatautils
    –>End of Python script error report<–

WIN 10 WORKS coreelec not

It’s a problem with some addon you have that’s called "Skin Helper’.
Not a CoreELEC issue.

I found a (half) solution
but everything still doesn’t work in correl
looks like no read / write permission

windows info:

coreelec info

same settings everywhere

found is 99%

pvr.iptvsimple vs pvr.iptvarchive
the add-in does not read the proper name

all problems solved
I found a working skin helper & widget

I see little interest, but if someone had a similar problem …

I’m running into the same problems you did with Titan Bingie skin. It doesn’t show the clearlogo’s and it is not stable in CoreELEC. How did you solve this? And it your setup with this skin now problem free?

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yes and no, there is always something wrong it will last a few days and it stops, it often helps to reinstall Artwork Beef

but the problem is mainly with skin helper widget and skin helper service
Begine repo versions worked until yesterday but I decided to clean coreelec and didn’t install anything yet …

I also used the version from here:


I am planning to check everything from scratch tomorrow, I will let you know

Thanks! Good to have found somebody with similar problems. Doesn’t Artwork Beef only downloads artwork for content in the local Libary?

The biggest problems I have now are:

1) OpenInfo doesn’t show clearlogo’s
It defaults to presenting titles of movies and TV shows as text. In Kodi 17 this works, but not in Kodi 18. I did some digging and OpenInfo (a ExtendedInfo fork) uses the following line to retreive the clearlogo’s (I use the Netflix view by the way):

In: script.extendedinfo-DialogVideoInfo-Netflix.xml:
<texture background="true">http://localhost:52307/getpvrthumb&amp;title=$ESCINFO[Window.Property(movie.Title)]&amp;type=clearlogo&amp;mediatype=movies</texture>

It uses a local service on port 52307 which is started by Skin Helper Service using CherryPy. The problem is here. I tried several combinations of versions of Skin helper Service and CherryPy. It just won’t work :frowning:

2) My CoreELEC box sometimes hangs directly after boot
Kodi seems to start up, but most widgets are not loaded and add-ons don’t open. Often a reboot (or two) helps and then it starts up fine.This is not really user friendly.

I’ve found an older mention on the Kodi forum of similar problems. The cause was CherryPy and Skin Helper Service again. So, I assume the solution of both of my problem has something to do with these add-ons.

Do you use OpenInfo? And do you have the same problems? I know that there is a newer add-on The MovieDB Helper which is recommended as a replacement, but it doesn’t have the same slick interface and it doesn’t behave like OpenInfo.

localhost it’s a bad solution, gets everything from the web (something like allow google image)

Example: Jurassic Park III

Not all skin works the same, I tried to add some visual options to estuary.coreelec some time ago but I didn’t feel it well
The Nox SiLVO skin, on the other hand, was processed without major problems
commands that do not operate in estuary work in mime
probably needs additional entries for includes, home, variables, etc …

The correct ones are:

$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.ListItem.Art.Poster)]
$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.ListItem.Art.Thumb)]
$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.ListItem.Art.Fanart)]
$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.ListItem.Art.Clearart)]
$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.ListItem.Art.Discart)]
$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.ListItem.Art.Clearlogo)]

For video players (when stream is already running and displays the program / movie title)

$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.Player.Art.Poster)]
$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.Player.Art.Thumb)]
$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.Player.Art.Fanart)]
$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.Player.Art.Clearart)]
$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.Player.Art.Discart)]
$ INFO [Window (Home) .Property (SkinHelper.Player.Art.Clearlogo)]

Everything works on the new configuration I did today
I used the description:

Here you will find a skin that has rebuilt pvr artwork and works on Coreelec:

you can check the changes by comparing with the Aeon Nox: SiLVO skin

I tried to use this in the xml file which defines a screen in OpenInfo, but it doesn’t do anything. I think I need to define somewhere in the OpenInfo code that SkinHelper is included. But I don’t know how to (yet)

are you writing about it?

Thanks, that thread on Reddit has been archived. The add-on is abandoned, but I’m willing to alter the code a bit for it to work better.


I solved the issue by altering the code in file of OpenInfo (script.extendedinfo). It now also gathers the clearlogo from This is then available as a property and I can use it in the GUI definition like this:

<texture background="true">$INFO[Window.Property(movie.clearlogo)]</texture>

This way I got rid of using the CherryPy webservice (localhost link), which currently has issues in Kodi 18. Also the performance of the GUI feels a bit more responsive.

Thanks, I’ll check it in my library
should show automatically without using “search” a artwork beef

can you share the file ?