Skinning CoreElec

Hello everyone.
This little post, to tell you that I discovered CoreElec a few weeks ago.
I have been using Kodi for Android for a few years.
There with CoreElec I discovered a fast, stable and optimized system for my Amlogic S905x2 and even S905x3 boxes.

I have developed my own Skin (Aeon Miro Nox) and I would like to integrate the CoreElec configuration menu into the Kodi system menu.
I know I can launch it via the App menu. But I wanted to do something cleaner.
Do you have any information about this.
Thank you to the whole team for this fabulous system.

See you soon Roura

Just little request. I use dual boot version CE and Android. Both on eMMC. Only default skin has in Power section “Reboot to eMMC/CoreElec” option. Please include this in Your skin. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be better to get this put into the official Kodi repo?

I tried to submit my skin several times on the Kodi forum but I never got an answer.
You can see some visuals of the Krypton version here.,36040.0.html

The Leia version is much more developed. Except for the English translation.
But that I can do with your help … :wink:

Repository Aeon Miro Nox For Leia

I’ll give this a try.

And tell me what you think

Yes indeed why not.
But I have to understand how the default Skin works

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Above all, I decided to do it for myself because Aeon didn’t have enough options in my opinion.
And now that I’m on CoreElec I want to integrate it better.

If someone from the Team could give me advice it would be great. :+1:

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No info about team for skinning :sleepy:

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The way it works in Estuary is it just an icon that runs the addon service.coreelec.settings.

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OK thanks adamg

My skin is online for CoreElec Menu system and the menu for Reboot to eMMC/CoreElec.

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Thank You!