Skyworth HY4001 (Canal+ Box 4K)


I want to test coreelec on hy4001 (Canal+ Polska Box 4K - Android TV Guide).

It does not have SD Card slot. I know that DVB-T2 tuner is gone If people do internal installation via procedure described here: CANAL+ BOX 4K (Skyworth HY4001).

If I will not create will box just run coreelec and with some support of you guys we could get proper DTB and hopefully make tuner usable again?

As the stock FW is not available can I make a backup so just in case I could get to the stock again? Is there any documentation on this topic?

This type of boxes have usually the bootloader locked, internal installation could be also meaning erasing the DRM keys so no more fullHD or 4k streaming from providers (I could be wrong). Did you try to boot CE from usb?

On my previous box I did toothpick method. How should I boot it up? Just rufus image to USB and power cycle?

Try this:

Follow these steps using g12a_s905x2_2g.dtb from the generic CoreELEC image device_trees folder to create a bootable USB Flash Drive.

Let me know if this works for you.

Be forwarned that if it works you probably will lose the Widevine L1 DRM

If the boot methods listed in the Wiki don’t work:

Create or place an empty file in the root folder of the USB Flash Drive

Connect a USB Hub with the prepared USB Flash Drive and Keyboard /Mouse to the device. (a USB Hub with Card Reader will not allow for booting CE).

In Android Settings => About Device => Local Update

After restart, CoreElec should initialize, and boot.

Since you will most likely be unable to boot directly from the device (with L1 DRM it is almost certain the boot loader is locked), there is no need to worry about the firmware.

In regards to the Tuner part: without having physical access to the device, there is little our devs can do.

i try this way on: Skyworth HP4105- Intigral

i have error after reboot update and coreelec not boot

bootloader locked!

Empty works on my box.
CE starts up and runs fine.
What can I do to add the tuner DVB-T2 and run it?
I have the files /proc/config.gz and dtb.img → Extracting DTB

See my original reply:

Even if our devs would have access to the device, there is little chance they would be able to make the Tuner part work without help from the manufacturer of the device.

it boot up and did not overwrite eMMC.
I don’t see any sign of DVB-T tuner. Below is output from basic check.
/proc/cpuinfo, whole dev structure, dmesg output and lsusb (no lspci in CE by default)

Is there any other place to look for tuner?
Only issue found is that color space is incorrect. Colors are over yellow. I need to switch to different colorspace. There is dlink hub and some small wireless keyboard/touchpad attached, and of course PQI pendrive.

@Betatester physical access can be arranged I think I can donate device, or remote access is enough via ssh?

boot.cpuinfo (837 Bytes) (4.7 KB)
boot.dmseg (98.7 KB)
boot.lsusb (578 Bytes)

The tuner will probably not be supported. And we have no DVB Maintainer anymore. So pass, it will not work.

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