Sleep mode Nightly vs Custom builds

I’ve been using my own builds several months on my Minix U9-H with the @Portisch u-boot (without any problems). My compilation had adapted it to kodi 18.2rc1 and everything worked correctly, especially the suspend mode.
But around April 15, suspend mode fails (or at least I think). I have compiled the latest version of Coreelec-9.0 and it also fails this mode. However, if I use the nightly build by @relkai (build at the same commit), the suspend mode works again. I’ve tested several nightly builds and self-compiled version. I have done dirty updates between builds and the nightly always work, but not with self-compiled builds.
(i reset the cache and remove everything, and i build my custom builds, again, and the same, nightly works, not self build)
I’ve even tested the “testing” branch and it does not suspend.
Am i making something wrong?


You say your running a custom build? I can only put this down to the changes that you may have made if this is the case.

I have build Coreelec-9.0 from sources and the sleep mode does not work, and the nightly does.

You have to cleanup your sources (distclean). Check also if you pulled last state of the branch with git log!

Dirty rebuilds can be responsible for this issue. Official nightlies are made clean from source.

Hi. Ive removed sources and resync again. Ive clean sources and i build testing branch. I cannot get to work, suspend mode doesnt work. It is posible that some ubuntu packages installed interfere with compilation? Im using 18.10

No luck.
I reinstall my Linux distro to Ubuntu 18.0.4, sync again, build testing branch and no sleep mode.
I build also last Coreelec-9.0 branch and no no sleep mode. However I installed nightly build from @relkai and sleep mode works again.
Please can anyone share my build from testing branch to check if there are some errors in my build?

I can only say, that I don’t do anything special in my builds and am also using Ubuntu Server 18.04 (only minimal packages needed for the build process installed).