Slideshow movies

I can confirm T95x works fine with 8.99.1, using wget for installation. I’m going to wait with until dust settles or you advise to go forward.

On topic then, picture slideshows with occasional mov/mp4 halt/freeze when a movie is being loaded. The audio is fine, but screen remains black / extreme stutters. Problem surfaced on Krypton, and upgrading to Leia (in the guise of CE) hasn’t helped. I know I should post this on the Kodi forum, but there I learned the picture hefe of the team is hard to reach, the slideshow engine is an unloved child, and when you DO find posts of the hefe he points at successfull windows implementations and defers the whole subject to the platform maintainers, that would be CE team. It’s a big problem for me as slideshow is a sequential process, hitting a movie in a 1000 pic folder almost requires a CE reboot and is a pain to resume.

Thanks for any advice !