Slow down of

In “standard” hyperion there is a feature called Kodichecker, where you can choose when to turn on or off the ambilight, during video playback, kodi ui, playing music, showing pictures, in pause, with 3d, etc…

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Can you please correct this warnings please?

I know these warnings, but as they where already in the source before I changed something I did not fix it. When I get more time I can take a look. There is also another patch what I still need to PR!

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@Portisch, good day :slight_smile: Do you know is there any chance to get Hyperion working with S905X2-powered device (CoreElec NG)? For now, it fails with grabber device 'amvideocap0' for type amlogic not found :frowning: Thank you!

I guess this is a dtb error, I guess @anon88919003 can fix it. There is no difference on S922X for this driver.

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Thanks for the info, posted this question in the S905x2-related thread.

hi, I’m thinking of setting up ambilight on the s912 device but reading this thread I’m not sure if all the slow down issues have been fixed? Will I be able to use ambilight on the s912 device when watching a 4k hdr movie without problems?