Slow down of


So I’m running on CE and like others with Amlogic devices I’m experiencing slow down of the video after watching something for about 20 minutes.

This has been reported multiple times in Hyperion github or LE forums : and

One of the devs of the stated that :

when aml capturing is used (kernel side) hw acceleration is off, we cant fo anything from user space (hyperion). amlogic must implement a stable hw accelerated capturing api…
this is not a hyperion issue, it is the aml platform itself.

My question is - is there anything we can do about it ie. kernel-wise? Would the OSMC kernel help here? Or maybe some other Amlogic improvements that can be done by the devs (and not Amlogic themselves as we all know it’s not gonna happen).



Indeed osmc kernel can help, we are already working on it. Let’s see if that helps

Even if osmc kernel does not fix entirely the Hyperion issue, at least it would allow to try the GE2D patch that the same user that you mentioned posted and said that fixes the slowness with the cost of some CPU

I’ll keep you up-to-date as soon as there are some news. We’ll need help to test it


Wow! Great to hear that! Thank you! :slight_smile:

VERY interested in this!! I have the same problem ATM

Can’t wait for an update :slight_smile:


I’ll be glad to take a part in testing!

After what time does the video start to slow down after you start watching the video?

Around 20 - 30 minutes, however I still need to confirm this happening on 8.90.3 - it was for sure on 8.90.2

This is still in 8.90.3

Confirmed, still happening here too on 8.90.3

Amlogic S912 also slowdown?

After how long? I usually watch 45/50 min episodes and don’t remember the last time it happened…

@danielfmo the same, I still need this to happen to me on 8.90.3. I’m using KIII Pro S912.

Hmmm, still present on Odroid C2 - perhaps I’ve been unlucky…

After updating to 8.90.4 because of the removal of dirtyregions, I noticed that slow downs are back for me like they were previously - every 20-30 minutes on S912 KIII Pro. I just re-added the dirtyregions back to my advancedsettings.xml as the improvement was drastic :slight_smile:

Beware of your box temperatures, if you don’t care then it’s all good :slight_smile:

Yah, I’m aware of the concernes. My CPU on idle is 80 celsius degree. I’ll decide in the next couple of days if I should keep that change or not :wink:

What really helped me bring down the temps from 80 degrees in idle to about 60 was applying good thermal paste to the CPU and GPU.
Was a very easy fix.

And I also added a small 80mm fan on top of the case and plugged it into the 5v gpio pins. Due to the 5v it is completely silent but still brings some air flow, especially since it’s quite warm now in my country.
Removed the air vents on the case and taped the fan to the case. Doesn’t look that good anymore but I don’t care :blush:

Thanks for the dirty regions tip @newkind,i will test it today. 8.90.3 was working without lags and yesterd ay on 8.90.4 I had lags again.

80 degrees is probably not the best temp to be running at :thinking:

Dirty regins was removed in .4 because “This change was causing a temperature increase across all Amlogic SoC’s when idling on Kodi GUI”

Did some temp checking on my X92 box:
v.8.90.3 -> DR set -> idle temp 55°C
v.8.90.4 -> no DR -> idle temp 50°C
v.8.90.4 -> DR set -> idle temp 52°C

Somehow on my box idle temp is lower with DR set via advancedsettings.xml :slight_smile:

Please post your advancedsettings.xml with the dirtyregions parameter added. Or tell me how and where this parameter should be added.