Slow down of

In advancedsettings add:


Since I have only that one line in my advancedsettings.xml, it looks like this:


Many thanks!
Tell me please what path do I need to place the file advancedsettings.xml?

Place it in .Userdata folder.

If you use a Windows machine, make the file with Notepad++, or I can send you my file if you have some problems creating it.

Tell me please the full path to which you need to place the file advancedsettings.xml.

Oh c’mon! You could google that… .kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml


Are there any slowdowns when watching videos using the Hyperion, not

Yes, they are. On both.


As I don’t get any slowdown with CE 8.90.4 I attached my configuration
hyperion.config.json (67.6 KB)

Do you use an external grabber?

From the above config you can check that I do not.

Did you also test with the stable hyperion? is the stable version of hyperion…

is it offial released by the hyperion team?

@danielfmo would you mind posting your arduino sketch as well?
Would like to check for differences.


@danielfmo : which Amlogic device are you using?

i have matched your config settings on my Odriod C2 and are still experiencing slowdowns - does the dirty regions thing need to be used too?

Kind regards,


I’m using arduino sketch from here:

with an Arduino Micro, based on ATmega32U4 set to 2000000 baud rate. ATmega328 based arduinos are not powerful enough. I have 224 APA102 LEDs with a 10A power supply.

I have dirty regions set to 3 on CE 8.90.4 on my ODROID C2.

Thank you. That’s very helpful!

@danielfmo Thanks, that’s Interesting, I’m using an Arduino Uno clone with WS2801 strip.

My sketch looks nothing like yours.

Perhaps that is not a good combination …

There are a lot of different Arduino sketches that work, but that one is delivered with Hyperion and validated by it’s developers. And I vow that it is good enough to drive 224 SPI leds…

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@danielfmo So I reworked my configuration and switched to your sketch from my previous one, also I have changed my Arduino UNO to Arduino Micro and unfortunately I still get the slow downs on my KIII Pro.

I’m wondering if the smoothing frequency or other frequency configuration could have anything to do with this issue…

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