Slow FileZilla and windows file transfer speeds

Hi after updating to the latest build (Thankyou for the continued hard work and development btw!) im now experiencing slow speed while transferring files using FileZilla to my vim3 Pro over Ethernet and WiFi, same using the built in windows smb. Before updating I reached speeds of around 80 to 100mpbs but now I’m getting around 2mbps. Nothing else has changed I’m using the same laptop same Ethernet cable and same version of FileZilla.
Any ideas what Im doing wrong/what could need to be changed?

This could also be the cec bug. New build is coming probably today.

Great thanks, I’ll give it a try when it’s ready

After updating speeds have improved slightly from 2/3mbps up to around 25/30mbps but it’s still a long way off the 90/100mbps I was getting previously

What version did you use before?

I was using the nightly builds before but I missed a few updates up until the latest stable release. I think the last one installed was late July

If you can try some older nightly and nail it to a specific version it would be helpful.

Ok when I’ve got abit more time to test and play around with it I’ll update you on the last version working with full speeds

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